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Unique Survey Model

The Federal Reserve Banks’ Small Business Credit Survey turns business owners’ experiences into hard data to spotlight their issues. By working with a diverse network of more than 400 small business organizations, the Federal Reserve Banks are able to collect national information on small business conditions. This survey model has enabled us to reach businesses that tend to be under-represented in other surveys, including startups, rural, women-owned, and minority-owned firms.

How Your Organization Can Partner with the
Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve Banks have ongoing partnerships with a sizable network of local, regional, and national organizations that disseminate the survey to small business owners. We are always looking for organizations that have strong relationships with small business owners.

Benefits of Partnership

Our partner organizations are the most important part of the survey process, encouraging small businesses to amplify their voices by responding to the survey. The large number of annual survey responses from small businesses in turn allows our partner organizations to understand and prioritize the key issues that small businesses are facing. This allows for partner organizations to be able to advocate for better policies, produce higher impact programming, and respond quickly to emerging issues. Partner organizations that reach a certain threshold of responses will receive benchmark reports that enable them to compare the experiences of their small business networks with other small business owners.

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