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  • 2020 Puerto Rico Small Business Survey

    Small Business Credit Survey: Take the survey

    The survey, which is part of the New York Fed’s Outreach & Education efforts, will be open through May 2020, and the New York Fed plans to release a report on the survey later this year.

  • Click, Submit 2.0: An Update on Online Lender Applicants

    Though they represent a small share of total small-business lending, nonbank online lenders are a growing source of small-dollar credit for small businesses.

  • Report on Minority-Owned Firms

    Many minority-owned small businesses faced financial challenges and lagged in key performance indicators for profitability, revenue growth, and employee growth.

  • Access to Financial Services Matters to Small Businesses

    Small businesses need access to a variety of credit sources but face a host of challenges in getting the financing they need.

  • Report on Nonemployer Firms

    Despite being a key income source for their owners, nonemployer firms face acute profitability and financing challenges.

  • Report on Employer Firms

    Small businesses reported stronger revenue and employment growth and continued levels of credit demand, with more firms applying to online lenders for financing.